I Know Why Big Pharma is Against CBD

Because it works! Prescription drugs are based on double blind studies. Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent whole plant compounds so they have little interest in medical studies confirming the value of CBD. Cannabis based medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat various conditions. It is very effective in treating inflammation, pain, anxiety, and many other conditions.

CBD can Lower Inflammation
Inflammation is the cause of a many conditions. Pain, arthritis, cancer, col, and sports recovery are just a few conditions that CBD can relieve by lowering inflammation. Reducing inflammation helps your body heal quicker.

CBD Helps Relieve Pain
Increasing amounts of people are experiencing the pain relieving qualities of CBD. Recent studies have shown that opioid deaths are down significantly in states that have legalized Marijuana. CBD is the number one compound in the cannabis plant. CBD can often be substituted for over the counter pain relievers. Over use of these medications has been linked to stomach, liver, and kidney problems.

CBD Relieves Anxiety
CBD is naturally relaxing. Many people are starting to use it for relaxation instead of prescription anxiety drugs that can have dangerous side effects. It is also much easier to modify your dosage of CBD depending how you are feeling. cbd-capsules

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