The effects of CBD on Cancer: A Positive Outlook

From providing anti-tumor effects to relieving the side effects of chemo, the effects of CBD on cancer are amazing

Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the scariest things imaginable. The American Cancer Society estimates there will be 4,620 new cancer cases and 1,630 cancer deaths per day in 2016. Those are very high numbers that continue to grow every year. The average five-year cancer survival rate is only 59% with treatment. Most of these modern treatments have very extreme side effects. Because of these things, more people are turning to holistic healing and alternative therapies. Sometimes people use natural healing in lieu of traditional medicine. While some opt for no traditional treatment, people more often use natural methods in conjunction with traditional western medicine to battle the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. As a result of this interest, more research is being done on these natural alternatives, including CBD and THC.

How CBD effects cancer cells

There have been a number of studies that show that CBD shrinks tumors, prevents the spread of cancer, and causes cancer cell death. It also decreases how often and easily cancer spreads. Not only does it effect the main tumor, but CBD also targets any cancer cells that have already spread. Different cancers respond differently to CBD, but some of the major cancers that researches have studied are breast, lung, colon, gliomas, leukemia, and thyroid. This table shows some of the specific ways that CBD target these different types of cancer.

CBD and Chemotherapy

Along with providing anti-tumor effects, CBD also provides relief for patients who have side effects from cancer treatment. These effects are sometimes so severe they cause the patient to stop treatment completely. Even if we ignore the effects of CBD on the cancer itself, CBD’s ability to relieve some or all of these symptoms is amazing. Research shows that CBD helps relieve a variety of side effects. These include nausea and anticipatory nauseaneuropathic painweight loss and loss of appetite and swelling in the hands and feet.

If you or a loved one are currently fighting this battle, CBD can help. The mental and physical tolls that come with being diagnosed with cancer are huge. Used on its own or to supplement other treatment options, CBD can improve the effectiveness of, as well as relieve side effects from, treatment.

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