Hemp Growth Continues to Increase

Hemp Growth Continues to IncreaseAcreage devoted to hemp in Colorado and Vermont skyrockets

In both Colorado and Vermont, the amount of acreage devoted to hemp growth continues to increase. This change is due in part to the increasing demand for pure CBD oil. This demand stems from medical studies that continue to show how effective CBD is in alleviating symptoms and treating a variety of medical issues. Epileptic seizures, autism, and PTSD are a few of the ailments that CBD has proven effective in treating. CBD is particularly important for children suffering from these diseases, as it has minimal THC and causes no “high” effects.

Other products that come form industrial hemp are the seeds, hemp oil, rope, fabric, and more! This amazing crop has the potential to add a huge boost to the US economy. Along with creating jobs and American made products, it is also an in demand export. Countries like Brazil have recently passed laws allowing the import of CBD oil from the United States.

The variety of ways hemp can be used, along with the amazing medicinal properties of CBD make this increase in hemp production in the United States hugely important. The benefits of cultivating this crop and studying its medicinal properties are amazing, and allowing the continued growth of hemp in the United States can only be seen as a good thing. Way to go Colorado and Vermont!

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