Big Pharma swoops in on CBD

Big Pharma swoops in on CBDPharmaceutical companies are making medications from CBD, while trying to keep it illegal for average users

With over 1500 articles on PubMed, and more research being done all the time, CBD is one of the most studied, most medicinally beneficial compounds we’ve ever seen. Despite the obvious health benefits and lack of side effects, the legality of CBD is still in question. The laws change regularly, and organization like the FDA make it difficult for companies to get products to their consumers. These combined factors make it difficult for the average person to get the compound that for many, make their diseases and symptoms manageable, while Big Pharma swoops in on CBD, looking to make a profit.

What makes this worse is that Big Pharma is now producing drugs that use the same compounds that are being denied to people who truly nead them. Drugs like Epidiolex and Sativex being released legally, while small companies are still not allowed to make any health claims about the medicinal value of CBD. This is not only unfair, it is just plain wrong. Big Pharma does not have the interests of consumers in mind; it cares only for itself. Sativex can cost more than $16,000 annually, while the plants from which these compounds are made are a tiny fraction of that price. Why should consumers be forced to buy a pharmaceutically-produced drug when they can get the same compound from a naturally grown plant for a fraction of the price? The short answer: they shouldn’t.

What does this mean? Big Pharma benefits, while the average consumer suffers.

To read more about the issue of Big Pharma, as well as ways they have made naturally – occurring compounds prohibited in the past, and why people are more likely to buy a pharmaceutical drug than get CBD at its source, see this article from

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