Arizona MMJ Industry Expected to Grow

Arizona MMJ Industry Expected to Grow

Some exciting changes are poised to take place in Arizona

With 32 new MMJ licenses being given this summer and a vote on whether or not to make marijuana legal for recreational use, the MMJ industry in Arizona is poised to go through some exciting changes. If the recreational vote is passed, we can expect to see similar results to Colorado, Washington, and other states where marijuana is recreationally legal. Millions in profit from taxes, reduced crime, and access to marijuana for the average person are all positive results of a passed vote.

Along with the possibility of recreation marijuana, Arizona is giving out 32 new dispensary licenses this summer, while demand continues to grow. If all 32 of the licenses are granted, that would bring the total number of dispensaries in the state to 131. To find out how this change could effect already existing dispensaries, as well as the residents of the state, see this article from Marijuana Business Daily.

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