How one spa is using CBD topicals

CBD topicals are becoming increasingly popular.

The benefits of the use of CBD topicals

How Renu Day Spa is using CBD topicals to help treat their clients

Hemp Oil has been popular in cosmetics for many years. Made from the hemp seed, hemp oil is a great moisturizer and has other skin benefits. Recently, however, people have been turning to another important part of the hemp plant,  CBD. CBD (cannibidiol) can be used as a topical skin treatment, as well as taken internally. CBD is sourced not from hemp seeds, but from the flower and stems of the hemp plant itself.

These new CBD based topicals have becoming increasingly popular due to their many health benefits. CBD topicals are often used to relieve pain and inflammation in the muslces and joints, as well as to alleviate many other skin conditions that can be found here. Topicals are a great way for someone who is hesitant about ingesting something new to see the many effects of CBD for themselves. The owner of Renu Day Spa, Anna Pamula uses CBD topicals and oral supplements to help her patients, many of whom are chemotherapy patients and cancer survivors.

To see the full article on Renu Day Spa, and how Anna Pamula uses CBD topicals, click here.

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