CBD helps me recover faster from kickboxing


Faster Recovery Time with CBD

I am a professional kickboxer fighting out of Denver, Colorado. I train between 2-3 times per day with those training sessions including everything and anything. From running, to kicking heavy bags, sparring, heavy weight lifting, hitting pads and practicing my footwork.

I’ve been using the Rocket CBD capsules when I come home from training. They allow my body to fully relax without hindering my clarity and taking me forever to wind down from hard training.

I find the biggest benefit from using the CBD capsules has been my ability to fully shut my body down to get some of the best sleep I’ve ever been able to get. I will definitely continue to use CBD to help me get the most of my training and also to help maximize my recovery time, which is so critical to my ability to preform during a high level day.

Danny Mitchell, Denver, CO

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