Relaxing my Sore Muslces

CBD and Massage

The Ultimate Massage with CBD Pain Balm

My massage therapist, Tina, gives great massages. She is very intuitive and always seems to find parts of my body that need work even though I had no clue. Tina always asks where I need work before the massage and I usually tell her the usual: shoulders, hips and back. She is strong enough to give therapeutic massage to my sore muscles and sensitive enough to give me a massage that just feels great.

A couple months ago, I asked Tina to give me a massage with CBD balm. I had used it before to rub into my shoulders and back when they are sore the day after a workout. It was very effective so I thought, why not try it for a full body massage? The results were stunning! I felt great after my previous massages, but with the addition of CBD balm I was in a state of bliss. I not only felt less sore, but I also had a feeling of extreme relaxation. Ever since the first time Tina used CBD balm on my body, I have had her use it every time. The best massage ever continues to get better.

If you are ever in the Boulder Colorado area I would encourage you to book a massage with the best massage therapist I have ever had. Find Tina at Seeds of Massage Transformation or call her at 720-398-7835.

-Mark M.

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