Combining CBD with THC

I had a More Enjoyable High with CBD!

The medical benefits of hemp CBD are undeniable, but what about people like me who socially like to get high and indulge in THC? Recently I tried CBD for the first time, while using THC, and WOW! Talk about a great experience. Not only did it make my “high” more mellow, as I felt all around less paranoid, but my high also lasted over two hours. It is easy, especially if you indulge in THC quite often, to build up a tolerance to the psychoactive effects that THC offers. However, even having less THC while supplementing with CBD can get back those happy feelings. I know most people who recommend hemp CBD products do so with a medical ailment in mind, but I’m here to say, I had a more enjoyable high with CBD. It’s great for recreational use too!

Jamie M., Denver, Colorado

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