CBD for Back Pain

CBD for Back Pain

I have had occasional back pain ever since I suffered an injury at an athletic contest when I was 15. I had 3 vertebrae out of place, but I am usually pain free when I keep my body in good shape. On the occasions where it has bothered me I can be in moderate to severe pain. I never take opiates for the pain because of the side effects and also because I have an addictive personality and as most people know, addiction to opiates can have deadly consequences. The pain can be in the area of my injury or sometimes my whole lower back seizes up.

I recently decided to try CBD for my back. I took some at night, and my body relaxed within an hour. My back started to relax and most of the pain went away! CBD is great at night for pain, but I cannot function being too relaxed during the day. I like to have coffee or a natural energy supplement called Cheetah Chew that has green tea caffeine at appropriate hours. I researched CBD and discovered that it does not have negative effects with other herbs of caffeine. I decided to try a Cheetah Chew with CBD in the morning to try to alleviate my back pain. It was great! I remained focused and alert and most of my back pain was gone.

Mark M.

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