Taking CBD Post Workout

CBD Post Workout

How CBD Helps My Recovery

I hadn’t heard of CBD until very recently. I read that is was good for relaxation and muscle pain, so I decided to try CBD post workout to see if it aided in recovery time. After a relatively intense lifting session, I tried CBD and found that it cut my recovery time almost in half! I slept fantastic that night, and had almost no muscle soreness the next morning. When I increase my weight or reps, I’m usually sore for at least a full day. Having little muscle soreness at all was great. I didn’t get the munchies, cotton mouth, or any of the other generally unwanted effects of THC, and I didn’t feel high like you do after using THC. It was the perfect blend of muscle relaxation and pain relief. After my great results post workout, I decided to try it before going to my chiropractor to see if it made my adjustment any easier. I was in a car wreck when I was younger, and often have trouble with my hips and pelvis needing to be realigned, which is often aggravated if I do a lot of squats or other lower body lifts. I had some CBD early the morning of my appointment, and my chiropractor had a very easy time adjusting me that day. CBD is definitely a fantastic product, especially if you are an active person and sometimes feel the effects of being active in not so pleasant ways.

Kaitlyn P.

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