CBD for My Torn Labrum

CBD for my torn labrum

How I was Able to Avoid Surgery

Early this summer I suffered from severe shoulder pain that would not go away. I have always recovered muscle and joint problems without surgery, but I did everything I knew to help it heal. Nothing was working, so I visited a surgeon that specialized in sports injuries. I was x-rayed and examined and told I had a torn labrum and needed surgery.

I am in a business that is busiest and the summer and requires lifting, so I decided to have surgery in the fall. After daily research, a started a regiment of needling, massage, and shoulder rehab exercises. This was about the time I discovered CBD. I decided to try CBD for my torn labrum. I used edibles and capsules nightly to relieve pain and help with sleep. The results were fantastic. My pain lessened, and I was able to sleep better. Now, six months later, thanks to CBD and my healing regime, my shoulder feels 90% better and has improved enough that I no longer need surgery.

Mark M.

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