Having Trouble Sleeping? CBD Oil Can Help You!

Picture of a man having trouble sleeping.

According to the CDC,  50-70 million Americans suffer  from sleep or wakefulness disorders. These include sleep apnea (pauses in breathing or shallow breathing during sleep), narcolepsy (extreme daytime sleepiness or sudden, uncontrollable bouts of sleep), insomnia (an inability to fall asleep), and REM cycle disorders (not entering REM, the deepest and most important stage of sleep). CBD has been shown to be beneficial for many of these conditions.

One study showed that CBD helps with alertness during the day. Another shows that it can help with improving the sleep-wake cycle. Even if you or a loved one has other health issues, such as Parkinson’s, that is causing your sleep symptoms, CBD has been shown to be beneficial.  If you have been suffering from any of these conditions, or just have trouble sleeping and want to feel more well rested, CBD can improve and regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Having a regulated sleep cycle will help you feel more alert, well-rested, and productive.

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