What are the benefits of using CBD for Pets?

CBD isHappy dog, showing that you can use CBD for pets. a Great All-Natural Alternative for Prescription Medications

Our pets can be our best friends and valued members of our families. And, sometimes it’s hard to know how to help them be their happiest, healthiest selves.

Now that 23 states have legalized hemp CBD, new testimonials are popping up all over the country reporting the efficacy of using CBD oil to address physical and emotional ailments in both humans and animals alike.
Pet owners nationwide are reporting that hemp CBD oil has had positive emotional and health benefits, in their furry companions. Testimonials from many animal-lovers are confirming that CBD oil has been useful in treating their pet’s maladies, such as anxiety, poor appetite, pain, and inflammation.
One testimonial states, “It seems as though [Canna Companion- a CBD pet product company] is the best kept secret in the animal world for pain management and anxiety issues. I originally ordered it for my cat Robbie for anxiety/inflamed bladder issues and it works! Robbie has had issues for the past year or so, and now they are all but gone” (http://news.health.com/2015/05/06/what-you-should-know-about-medical-marijuana-for-pets/).
Animal lovers everywhere are getting on board with using CBD hemp oil as a healthy alternative to pharmaceuticals for themselves and their 4-legged counterparts. There seems to be lots of potential on the horizon for the use of CBD oil for the entire family, including fido and fluffy.

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