How can CBD help with your anxiety?

Whether severe or mild, many people experience anxiety at some point in their life.  While prescription medications may provide some relief, they come with a variety of negative side effects. These side effects often make the decision to take prescription medications complicated, especially if the patient is a child or teenager. If you or someone you know has struggled with this decision and you are considering an all-natural alternative, CBD oil may be for you.

CBD oil has shown promising results in studies with patients diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder. In extreme cases, SAD can be a debilitating illness that interferes with normal daily life. Sufferers often have a hard time participating in activities that someone without the disorder would have no trouble completing. Public speaking, eating in front of others, or even leaving the house often causes fear or panic attacks for people with SAD.

 In one study, Brazilian researchers worked with individuals that suffered from various degrees of SAD. They found that CBD oil normalized blood flow to areas of the brain that control anxiety. This effect was observed in 100% of the people participating in the trial. These results suggest that CBD can help patients with anxiety disorders feel more normal and be able to function without a constant sense of fear.

CBD has also shown benefits for less extreme, more generalized anxiety, both in animals and humans. Whether extreme or mild, being anxious is a serious condition that many people seek relief from.  If you are experiencing symptoms and want to try an all-natural, low side-effect remedy, consider CBD to help with your anxiety.

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